Enterprise talent

1. Thinking: clear objectives, ensure finish the task, no excuses.

2. Concept: have product are is top product is defective, rude didn't have is dangerous, rude not is waste.

3. Standard: capable, obedience, and considerate.

We are looking for talented

Since we are looking for people who can contribute to the company, can create a new situation of talents. They have different cultural background, academic experience, but they should have something in common.

Responsibility + initiative - to overcome the difficulties faced, finish hard work, with strong subjective initiative, independent to complete the task.

Express + communication skills - facing affairs has his own opinion, accurately express his views make people understand. At the lowest communication cost and completed the most effective communication.

Find + creation ability - discovering new thinking and working methods, facing the traditional problems can have the original innovation ability to solve, using the best way to solve the problem.

Collective + cooperation idea -- never forget the power of the team more than individual, can play in individual speciality at the same time, coordinate amplification teamwork and advantages of ability.

Incentive + leadership skills, leadership and motivation of others, maintain good relationship between the colleague, and efforts to help the subordinate to fulfill their potential.

Overall + regulation for the specific work abilities - have macro control ability, and can quickly on the coordination work arrangement.

Keep talents

Equal, open the mechanism of the best team and - open, equality of working mechanism, let everybody have the Christianity, each other opportunities to learn,

Enough play space - every day will have different problems to solve, the feeling of accomplishment comes from you in finding effective solutions, make your team members and the company produced in you self-confidence. This will give you the fast growth. Everyone can get a company's support, and have enough space to develop their own ability, pursue their dreams.

Outstanding humanities environment - apart from competitive compensation outside, we also have a special attractive working environment, attract and retain all the best to long-term talent.

Dream of happiness stage - we hope everyone special happiness, special love and cherish his work. So we establish a dream stage, let everybody can satisfy dancing on it, to pursue their dreams